New Study Spaces: Reserve Through Room Calendar

As you, your study groups, and student organizations plan ahead for your academic year at IU McKinney, we’re pleased to announce that new study spaces are available and reservable through the Room Calendar.  Brand new this year are Meeting/Study Areas 355-2, 355-4, 355-5, and 355-6 all located on the 3rd floor of the law library with larger seating capacities, white boards, and unique capabilities.  For more information, please see the Room Calendar which can also be accessed from the top of any law school page under Tools.

room-calendar-cropped-arrowMost of the reservable spaces are located in the law library, and our Library Maps provide the room/area numbers and locations for your convenience.  There are also 4 Study Rooms on the 3rd floor of the law school that are also reservable: Study Rooms 302, 304, 306, and 308.  The law school offers an interactive map to the entire building located near the New York Street entrance, as well as a Virtual Tour.

The Room Calendar offers helpful features such as adding events directly to your calendar, and you can even have notifications about each event sent to you, as well as share with a friend via email.

room-calendar-hovering-croppedWithin Room Calendar reservations, you’ll find additional information such as room/area capacity, as well as which spaces are available.  To reserve a Study Room or Meeting/Study Area, you’ll select Submit Events from the Room Calendar and fill out the reservation request form.

submit-events-croppedThe Office of Student Affairs (OSA) oversees the Room Calendar and all reservations.  A helpful Guide for Planning Student Events provides step-by-step instructions on how to reserve a space, as well as the Room Calendar policies and procedures.

For good practice, you may want to check out the Room Calendar each day for any reservations before setting up camp in a Study Room or Meeting/Study Area.  The spaces are not first-come, first-serve, however you can better plan your study route by using the Room Calendar to be mindful and informed of events happening here in the law school.  If no reservations are showing for your desired space, then you’ll likely be safe to use any available Study Room or Area as reservations must be made no later than 5 days in advance.

The 3rd floor of the law library has ongoing furniture arrangements to be made, so stay tuned for updates!  Happy studying!

Image Credit: NASA on the Commons, “Quintuplet Cluster”


About Laura M. Summers

Come visit me at Circulation! As a current library science student, I am interested in the interplay of libraries, the government, and the law. I have an avid interest in correctional facility libraries, and hope to be a part of bettering our approach to patrons behind bars.

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