govinfo: New from the Government Printing Office


The U.S. Government Printing Office has released the beta version of its new portal to federal laws and Congressional information: Eventually, this portal will replace the now-somewhat-dated FDsys.

Govinfo uses responsive design to enhance usability on mobile devices. Its overall look is cleaner and more updated, with less cluttering text and fewer extraneous links. It also has more searching options, offers links to related documents, and enables sharing via social media (because who doesn’t want to post the latest from the Federal Register on their Facebook timeline?). Other enhancements include better navigation, viewing, and security.

Meanwhile, the GPO remains committed to ensuring that the public can access official and authenticated information electronically just as in print. The move to govinfo does not affect these policies. This assures users that the information retrieved from the site has not been altered or corrupted.

Govinfo offers particularly easy, one-click access to daily publications such as the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and the Congressional Calendars. It also has one-click access to the latest bills and other documents. Want to see President Obama’s 2017 budget? It’s featured on the front page.  Plus, you can be part of the beta process by clicking on “Feedback” and letting the GPO know what you think of the new site.




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