New Research Database Available – Regulatory Insight

The Ruth Lilly Law Library recently purchased Regulatory Insight from ProQuest which contains administrative law histories. Regulatory histories include links to the full-text of all Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations documents created during the promulgation of the regulation, including the notice of proposed rulemaking, the proposed rules, interim rules and final rules. Also linked is the enacting legislation including the legislative history. The documents can be searched by term, or sorted by date or enacting agency.

Locating the regulatory histories is easy. Simply type in known information, be it the name of the act, the words in the regulation, or the citation of the regulation or public law. Type the words in the white search box. The example below searches for the “Americans with Disabilities Act.”

From the results page, select the regulatory history for the specific act desired, in this case, the regulatory history of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. This history is comprised of 33 regulatory documents from a dozen federal agencies. The resulting documents can be viewed as text or PDF which can be printed or e-mailed. Permanent URLs are provided for citation purposes.

Rather than read the text of all 33 documents, one can further filter using search terms, document types or agency of origin. The example below searched for any consideration of “obesity” within the ADA regulations and retrieved five documents.

The Regulatory Insight service is linked with the library Legislative Insight service, which contains full-text of the Congressional documents created in the passage of the federal legislation.

Regulatory Insight is available for all users on the IUPUI campus. For remote access to this resource, follow the Regulatory Insight link on the library website and log in using your IU username and password.


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