Indiana Legislature in Session

Indiana General Assembly

Indiana State House

The Indiana Legislature is now in session. Even if you are not a political junkie, there is much to do besides complain about the absence of easily accessible street parking! From the 2016 Session navigation panel tab, you can watch the action live via webcam, see a transcript of the daily action, or easily track bills all on the Indiana General Assembly (IGA)website.

The long lists of introduced Senate and House bills reflect a legislature poised to tackle many important issues. The IGA website links all related action right from the particular bill’s site. Just open a bill from the list to see an abstract of the bill and its author. It is easy to keep up with all the activity, as all actions from amendments to votes taken on the bill are linked from the left navigation panel.

House Bill Tracking

If you are interested but a bit forgetful, you can sign up for the bill’s RSS feed and regularly receive the updated information.

If you want to see the big picture, the site includes an info-graphic for each of the House and Senate.  The info-graphics follow the path of a bill or joint resolution as it moves through the legislative process of the Indiana General Assembly. The data is live-updating and will change each day to reflect the current distribution of bills and joint resolutions.

The IGA’s website is easy to navigate and includes background information as well.  These are just a few examples of the kinds of available information:

In addition to helpful information for tracking pending legislation, there is also voter information.  So don’t forget to get registered for the upcoming elections!

I am interested in much of the work of the legislature this session and looking forward to using many of the upgrades on the IGA website as a way to stay on top of things!

Image credit: Indiana General Assembly


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