Update on CRS Reports

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about CRS Reports. Just this morning, I learned about a new website called CRSReports.com that claims to be “the largest free and public collection of Congressional Research Service Reports.” It holds 33,000 reports in its database…and counting.

According to CRSReports.com, it is

“a free web based repository of Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports. This digital library is dedicated to hosting an extensive collection of CRS documents. All information provided by CRSReports.com is publicly available and can be accessed for free without sign-up or registration. This growing collection of CRS reports is made freely available to policy makers (including Hill staffers who while off of the Hill may decide not to login into the Capitol intranet) and other users for purposes beneficial to our political system and the public.”

You can read more about the site—who’s running it and why—in this Washington Post article by reporter Lisa Rein.


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