A “Michigan Left”

Recently IUPUI and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works hosted a public open house on the conversion of Michigan Street to two-ways through the IUPUI campus from West Street to White River Parkway. This project is funded through the RebuildIndy initiative and is scheduled to start construction in July 2016. As with the New York Street conversion, the purpose of this project is to slow down traffic through campus and increase student pedestrian safety. Although the law school is not located on Michigan Street, this construction will have an impact on the daily commute of law school faculty, staff and students. Below is a diagram of the traffic pattern changes on West, Vermont and Michigan Streets. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Creation of a “Michigan Left” on northbound West Street. The left turn lanes will be located between New York and Vermont crossing oncoming traffic in an “x” pattern and proceeding to Michigan. This is similar to the traffic pattern for Martin Luther King Blvd just north of the IUPUI campus.
  • Conversion of Vermont Street, east of California, to one-way eastbound with access only to southbound West Street.
  • Dedicated turn lanes – from eastbound Michigan to southbound West and from southbound West to westbound Michigan.
  • A median on Michigan will prevent traffic from northbound California Street to cross Michigan or turn left. Only right turn access will be provided on to eastbound Michigan.
  • Installation of three HAWK pedestrian activated crossing signals along Michigan, including one at California, permitting students parked at the Gateway Garage to cross Michigan with a signal.
  • Blackford Street will become two way between New York and Michigan.



All of this may be difficult to envision. See below for a fourteen second video of the traffic flow on the new West Street turn lanes.

Reminders on the conversion of New York Street and other upcoming changes:

  • Drivers on southbound California will be physically able to turn left on to New York Street provided traffic flow permits.
  • Northbound West Street will have left turn lanes on to westbound New York Street.
  • Beauty Avenue and Hanson Street will close permanently and be replaced by Riley Hospital Drive.
  • Bicycle lanes will be shifted and most locations will be separated from surface streets.

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