Decoding Course Reserves and Professor Recommendations

Your professor tells you to read the material he put on “Reserve” for your course or that he has some recommended materials in the law library. What does that mean? Where do you go to find these materials? Why, the law library of course!

These materials are on “faculty reserve” at the library’s Circulation Desk and may be checked out for two hours for in-library use. To check out these materials, simply ask the Circulation Desk staff for the material you need. You can also search for these materials in IUCAT‘s “Class Reserves” module by clicking “Access Class Reserves” on the homepage of IUCAT.

IUCAT screenshot

After clicking on “Class Reserves” you will see the screen below. You can search for the item on reserve by the instructor’s name, course number, or the course name. For example, if Professor Orentlicher has put a book on reserve, simply type in his name and select “Lookup Items on Reserve by Instructor”. From here you will get a list of his classes, or it will go directly to a book title if there is only one item on reserve.

IUCAT Class Reserves

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our staff for help!


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