Check Out These Study Aids!

study aid pictureThe law library’s expanded Study Aids Collection is open for browsing and check out! The Study Aids Collection includes resources such as the Examples & Explanations series, Questions & Answers series, Problems & Answers, test preparation guides, and other study aids to help you in your law courses and bar preparation. You will find the collection on the wall shelving on the east wall of the Information Commons, next to the newspaper/video display. The materials are not tied to a particular class or professor and are available for check out with a loan period of one day.

Not sure what type of book you are looking for? The brief descriptions may you narrow down your options or stop by the law library’s circulation desk and ask for assistance.

HORNBOOKS & CONCISE HORNBOOKS:  This series is generally useful as a reference tool for difficult areas of a course, but do not lend themselves to cover to cover reading. Concise Hornbooks are updated and streamlined versions of the traditional hornbook.

NUTSHELLS:  These books contain a comprehensive outline of a specific area of the law and are usually written by a noted authority on the subject. They provide a big picture look at the law and avoid in-depth analysis. They contain fewer footnotes and references than hornbooks.

UNDERSTANDING:  Explanations of legal subjects, these books give detailed explanations of legal concepts with case citations. Provides stripped-down treatises tailored specifically for law students.

MASTERING SERIES: is designed to provide law students the critical tools needed to easily and efficiently master the substance and content of various law school courses. All books in the series are easy-to-read, with key terms emphasized and explained. Footnotes and cites to secondary sources are used sparingly, allowing the reader to concentrate on the essential material.

QUESTION AND ANSWER:  This series contains sample questions that to be used to practice, and these contain answers as well so the user verify that they are on track with their studies.

EXAMPLES AND EXPLANATIONS:  The books give a narrative overview of key concepts and rules followed by examples (hypothetical questions) and explanations (answers to the questions). The series is generally written by law professors.

GLANNON GUIDES: This series provides straightforward explanations of tough concepts with hypos that help explain their application.  Both correct and incorrect answers are explained; straightforward explanations of complex legal concepts, often in a humorous style that makes material stick.

ACING SERIES: This series uses a unique checklist format with sequential questions that help students fully evaluate a subject. The books also present numerous hypothetical problems and sample answers. Unique among study aids, Acing Series titles help students attain the analytical tools they need to prepare for classes.

SIEGEL’S SERIES: This series works through key topics in a Q&A format, providing an additional source for self-quizzing. Each title contains multiple-choice questions and answers, as well as essay questions with model answers.

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