Found in the Stacks: The Little Book of BBQ Law

The Little Book of BBQ Law“The Little Book of BBQ Law” by Cecil Kuhne III

KF1250 .K84 2013

“Everyone has their favorite barbecue joint. However you spell it, this delicious fare is clearly an American institution. But barbecue also has a serious legal side, and a significant amount of litigation has sprung forth from these smoky flames.

The world of barbecue can be more dangerous than you might imagine, as witnessed by a number of fascinating opinions in the realm of personal injury law. Is the city liable for damages when a volunteer at a cookout for a little league baseball team has his hand broken by a falling grill lid? Did a grocery store create an unnecessary hazard that led to a customer slipping on a piece of bread soaked in barbecue sauce?

Barbecue is big business as well as somewhat dangerous, so naturally you have plenty of litigation concerning commercial transactions, including stolen secret barbecue sauce recipes, tax issues, and property rights. Courts have dealt with some very interesting trademark and tradename disputes as well, concerning some of the biggest and most delicious names in the barbecue business. And last but not least is the tumultuous area of labor law.

Featuring heavenly recipes for dishes and sauces from all around the country, The Little Book of BBQ Law will help you safely, and hopefully without litigation enjoy some of the best and most interesting food in the world.”

Text and Image Credit: ABA


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