Gaming and Interactive Tech: In Law School?

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Gaming for fun?  Yes.

Gaming to learn?  Maybe a harder sell.

Can you think of a word–or even a tidbit of Greek mythology–you may not have known about (and retained!) until you played a video game?

Let’s go way back: did playing Monopoly, skipping rope/jump rope, even “Patty Cake” teach you something about counting, rhyming, and basic motor skills?

Chances are likely that you could answer “yes” upon discovering that games have helped you learn more about life along the way.

This past spring semester during my first foray into library school, I enjoyed a unit on gaming and the power of interactive technology.

For an excellent TED Talks about the power of games:

This summer, check out these online games for a study breather/enhancer!

FREE Law Games!

Think Like a Lawyer from LexisNexis

Law School Dojo from Open Law Lab

Do I Have a Right? from iCivics

Law Games for Purchase

Objection! from TransMedia Inc.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney from Capcom

FREE Educational Games (don’t be afraid to branch out your interests, and learn something new!)

Blood Typing Game

The Great Flu


There’s a plethora of fun, interactive games with unique storylines from the Games Learning Society.

FREE Childhood Games (take yourself back to the good ole days)

Lego Games

Hello Kitty Games

PBS Kids Games has many free, colorful games with familiar characters, such as Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat.”

What are some of your favorite games?  What are some other ways you relax, and engage your mind in new ways?

In the comments below, feel free to contribute your favorite games as well.  The more the merrier, and have fun!

Featured Image Credit: egoten, “game=life juego=vida”


About Laura M. Summers

Come visit me at Circulation! As a current library science student, I am interested in the interplay of libraries, the government, and the law. I have an avid interest in correctional facility libraries, and hope to be a part of bettering our approach to patrons behind bars.

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