New Books in the Library – May 2015

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Cancelled, Delayed, Grounded: Law for the Frustrated Air Traveler

Kuhne, Cecil C., III
KF2441 .K84 2015

cdgA lot can happen in the aviation domain, and contained in this book are a just few of the “frustrating” (and unfortunately, all-too-familiar) circumstances associated with air travel that have led to some fascinating litigation. Passengers are bumped, falsely accused of assaulting ground personnel, mistakenly informed that they can’t bring on board their spouse’s cremated remains (which are subsequently lost in checked luggage). In the air, there are hijackings, collisions with serving carts, falling luggage, and even gunfire.

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The Case against the Supreme Court

Chemerinsky, Erwin
KF8742 .C46 2014

catscMost Americans share the perception that the Supreme Court is objective, but Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the country’s leading constitutional lawyers, shows that this is nonsense and always has been. The Court is made up of fallible individuals who base decisions on their own biases. Today, the Roberts Court is promoting a conservative agenda under the guise of following a neutral methodology, but notorious decisions, such as Bush vs. Gore and Citizens United, are hardly recent exceptions. This devastating book details, case by case, how the Court has largely failed throughout American history at its most important tasks and at the most important times.

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Contemporary Immigration in America: A State-by-State Encyclopedia

JV6465 .C745 2015

ciiaImmigration continues to be a timely and often-controversial subject, particularly regarding legislation at the state level. While many books cover U.S. immigration, both historical and contemporary, few if any reference works examine the role of contemporary immigration in individual states. This two-volume encyclopedia fills that gap. Chapters address legal, social, political, and cultural issues of immigrant groups on a state-by-state basis and explore immigration trends and issues faced by individual ethnic populations.

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The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age

Wachter, Robert M.
R858 .W385 2015

ddWritten with a rare combination of compelling stories and hard-hitting analysis by one of the nation’s most thoughtful physicians, The Digital Doctor examines healthcare at the dawn of its computer age. It tackles the hard questions, from how technology is changing care at the bedside to whether government intervention has been useful or destructive. And it does so with clarity, insight, humor, and compassion. Ultimately, it is a hopeful story.

This riveting book offers the prescription for getting it right, making it essential reading for everyone – patient and provider alike – who cares about our healthcare system.

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The Law for Comic Book Creators: Essential Concepts and Applications

Sergi, Joe
K183 .S47 2015

locbcSince the creation of the comic book, cases of legal conflict and confusion have often arisen where concepts such as public domain, unincorporated entities and moral rights are involved. As a result, comics creators are frequently concerned about whether they are protecting themselves. There are many questions and no single place to find the answers–that is, until now. Entertaining as it instructs, this book seeks to provide those answers, examining the legal history of comics and presenting information in a way that is understandable to everyone. While not seeking to provide legal advice, this book presents the legal background in plain English, and looks at the stories behind the cases. Every lawsuit has a story and every case has lessons to be learned. As these lessons are explored, the reader will learn the importance of contracts, the basics of copyright and trademark, the precautions necessary when working with public domain characters and the effects of censorship.

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The Moot Court Advisor’s Handbook: A Guide for Law Students, Faculty, and Practitioners

KF281.A2 M66 2015

mcahNo matter what your role or level of experience, the Legal Writing Institute’s Moot Court Advisor’s Handbook is designed to be a resource of sound advice and best practices for running moot court and other legal skills competitions. With chapters on administering a moot court program, running an internal moot court competition, coaching teams at external moot court competitions, and running your own external moot court competition, this handbook also includes several model documents that you can use to create your own competition rules, program bylaws, judge training materials, competition scoring rubrics, and more. Drawing on the combined expertise of the Legal Writing Institute’s Moot Court Committee, this handbook can be your soup-to-nuts manual for building and administering a moot court program, a handy reference guide for the moot court newbie, or anything in between.


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