UPDATED: Who–or What–is “Lynda?”

475682909_fd2ec98c87_o (2)No, I’m not talking about Lynda Barry, although she is an incredible artist and teacher (check out The Guardian’s recently published article).

And no, not Lynda Carter, although she did play “Wonder Woman.”

Combine the teacher and the superhero, and you have Lynda.  As in, lynda.com.

“As opposed to other self-paced learning options, I like that you can just use your IU username and password to access the site.

It also has full courses, short tutorials, or just 10-minute tips depending on how much time you have to spare.”

-Hannah Alcasid, Electronic Information & Data Support Technician,

Ruth Lilly Law Library

Lynda Weinman is the Co-Founder of a company through which you may have heard of her: lynda.com, a library of online teaching tools to build, edit, and inspire better projects, classroom materials, and informed decisions about media and so much more.

Offering 3,527 online courses and 144,077 videos, lynda.com is an award-winning path to learn from experts virtually anything at multiple levels of experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All).  From Drawing, to Classroom Management, to Human Resources, to learning new tips & techniques with both open access and proprietary software (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.), lynda.com is comprehensive and built with you in mind: http://www.lynda.com/allcourses.

To boot, lynda.com access points and resources can be found many places with its strong online presence.

NEW: IU’s agreement with Lynda.com is set to expire on Thursday, June 30th, 2016.  Be sure to check out all the courses while this service is still free for IU students, faculty, and staff: https://ittraining.iu.edu/lynda/.  For more information about lynda.com’s agreement expiration, please visit the UITS site for the official announcement.  For additional information on course certificates at IU, please visit the UITS (University Information Technology Services) site: https://ittraining.iu.edu/certification/default.aspx.  They’re a great way to learn and apply new skills, as well as earn certificates to make your résumé and repertoire dazzle.

After June 30th, all patrons can try all lynda.com courses through free video tutorials, and can subscribe to the entire library for 10 days at no charge by signing up through the lynda.com site.

All library staff in the state of Indiana is provided access to the entire lynda.com library through the Indiana State Library, and many of the courses are available for LEUs.  For more information, check out the Indiana State Library’s “A Continuing Education Toolkit for Library Professionals”: http://continuinged.isl.in.gov/find-training/lynda-com-courses/

4390432853_9b1b61e863_o (2)

Image Attribution: Igb06, “Technology Is Not Technology”

 Feature Image Attribution: Austin Kleon, “WHAT IT IS by Lynda Barry”


About Laura M. Summers

Come visit me at Circulation! As a current library science student, I am interested in the interplay of libraries, the government, and the law. I have an avid interest in correctional facility libraries, and hope to be a part of bettering our approach to patrons behind bars.

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