Welcome to Finals Week!: Study Room Reservation Requests

Room Calendar

Ruth Lilly Law Library homepage: http://mckinneylaw.iu.edu/library/

Over Spring Break, the McKinney Law School & Ruth Lilly Law Library’s 12 study rooms underwent the process of becoming available for reservation requests on the room calendar.

Our Web Application Programmer, Andrew Myers, provided excellent training to staff in preparation for the new reservation request process.  If you have any questions or concerns about the room calendar system, please ask!  If we don’t know, we’ll help point you in the right direction, and the Office of Student Affairs is your best go-to.

A new feature in the room calendar system includes the ability to add an event to directly to your calendar, email an event, and receive ongoing notifications as edits are made to the event.


Submitting an event is similar to the old system, but please remember that this process is a 2-step approval process: Categories, and Events.

Submit Event

All events and room requests must fall under a category in the calendar.  There’s even an “Other” category if you’re unsure how to categorize your reservation request.  Remember, your event can fall under multiple categories!  Just be sure to choose “Multiple Categories” when you’re submitting to view your selections and choose.

For a fantastic step-by-step guide on submitting your event, check out Calendar Instructions.

To see what events are going on each day, please bookmark this dynamic link in your browser of choice: http://cal.mckinneylaw.iu.edu/facilityganttview.aspx?closeform=Y

Additional new changes to the system include:

•2+ law students per study room reservation

•4 hour max study room time

Please submit your study room request via the room calendar system 1 business day in advance (so plan ahead!), and happy studying!

Be well, and best wishes everybody.


About Laura M. Summers

Come visit me at Circulation! As a current library science student, I am interested in the interplay of libraries, the government, and the law. I have an avid interest in correctional facility libraries, and hope to be a part of bettering our approach to patrons behind bars.

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