New Books in the Library – February 2015

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All Eyes Are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn

Sokol, Jason
E185.9 .S65 2014

All Eyes Are Upon Us book coverThe Northeastern United States—home to abolitionism and a refuge for blacks fleeing the Jim Crow South—has had a long and celebrated history of racial equality and political liberalism. After World War II, the region appeared poised to continue this legacy, electing black politicians and rallying behind black athletes and cultural leaders. However, as historian Jason Sokol reveals in All Eyes Are Upon Us, these achievements obscured the harsh reality of a region driven by segregation and deep-seated racism.

A revelatory account of the tumultuous modern history of race and politics in the Northeast, All Eyes Are Upon Us presents the Northeast as a microcosm of America as a whole: outwardly democratic, inwardly conflicted, but always striving to live up to its highest ideals.

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Antiblack Racism and the AIDS Epidemic: State Intimacies

Geary, Adam M.
RA643.83 .G43 2014

Antiblack Racism and the AIDS Epidemic book coverChallenging the popular perception of HIV as a consequence of the ‘perverse intimacies’ of sex and drug use, Anti-Black Racism and the AIDS Epidemic: State Intimacies argues that black racial disparities in HIV rates reflect the organization of anti-black, racialized poverty and structural violence. Racism, not race, ethnicity, or culture. The state has structured the ways in which black Americans have been made vulnerable to HIV exposure and infection far beyond the capacity of any individual or community to mitigate or control. From structured impoverishment to racial segregation, and from mass incarceration to the political death meted out to former prisoners, the primary structuring factor that has determined risk of HIV infection has been state intimacy, or the violent intimacy of the racist state.

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The Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis and the Legal Responses

O’Reilly, James T.
KF1328.5.C45 O74 2014

The Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis and the Legal             Responses book coverLegal disputes over worldwide and U.S. sexual abuse by Catholic priests, and over efforts by Catholic bishops to conceal clerical misconduct, have produced many headlines and public discussion. However, the precise legal issues involved remain a mystery to most observers. In The Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis and the Legal Responses, James T. O‘Reilly and Margaret Poll Chalmers examine the role of canon law in these cases and the interplay between the global church-based law and the laws of individual jurisdictions where criminal actions and lawsuits are brought. Although the principal jurisdiction under consideration will be the United States, the authors examine the jurisprudence and legal theory through a comparative law perspective focusing on other countries in order to render lessons that might be useful in the American context, as countries do vary in their judicial recognition and assimilation.

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Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law

Cropper, Theresa
KF318 .C76 2014

Diversity in Action book coverDiversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law is designed as a resource and educational tool for those performing diversity roles in law firms and corporate legal departments. It is a step by step guide to developing, implementing, and managing the functions of diversity and inclusion in an institutional setting. With this manual, you will be able to evaluate and effectively support the way your organization approaches diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Family Law Reimagined

Hasday, Jill Elaine
KF505 .H375 2014

Family Law Reimagined book coverFamily Law Reimagined is the first book to evaluate the canonical narratives, examples, and ideas that legal decision makers repeatedly invoke to explain family law and its governing principles. These stories contend that family law is exclusively local, that it repudiates market principles, that it has eradicated the imprint of common law doctrines which subordinated married women, that it is dominated by contract rules permitting individuals to structure their relationships as they choose, and that it consistently prioritizes children’s interests over parents’ rights.

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Health Care as a Social Good: Religious Values and American Democracy

Craig, David Melville
RA418.3.U6 C73 2014

Health Care as a Social Good book coverHealth Care as a Social Good: Religious Values and the American Democracy argues that as escalating health costs absorb more and more of family income and government budgets, we need to take stock of the full range of health care values to create a different and more affordable community-based health care system. Transformation of that system is a national priority but Americans have failed to find a way to work together that bypasses our differences. Craig insists that community engagement around the common religious conviction that healing is a shared responsibility can help us achieve this transformation—one that will not only help us realize a new and better system, but one that reflects the ideals of American democracy and the common good.

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Money Laundering: Legislation, Regulation, and Enforcement

Weismann, Miriam F.
KF1030.R3 W45 2014

Money Laundering book coverThis book provides an updated and comprehensive review of the subject of anti-money laundering activity. Given the huge complexity of domestic and global money laundering schemes and networks and the increased complexity of the laws designed to prevent and detect money laundering, it has become more difficult for practitioners, courts, and scholars to manage the scope of its ever-changing features.

The useful text is designed to organize and simplify (to the extent possible) the explanation of the laws, regulations, and salient cases. The book also examines the role of the regulatory agencies, U.S. Department of Justice prosecution policies, most common methods of money laundering, and how legitimate financial institutions, in concert with other professionals, facilitate the practically open and notorious operation of money laundering activities.

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Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers

Smith, Kevin L.
KF2994 .S63 2014

Owning and Using Scholarship book coverCopyright and other types of laws regulating intellectual property create an increasing concern for contemporary scholarship. The digital environment has created exciting new opportunities and possibilities for scholars to work and distribute their work. But these new opportunities also create issues that did not arise in the analog world. Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers attempts to demystify intellectual property, and especially copyright law, for academic authors and independent scholars who face these dilemmas. It also can serve as a comprehensive resource for librarians who are asked to assist with these new and challenging decisions.

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Practicing Medicine and Ethics: Integrating Wisdom, Conscience, and Goals of Care

Kaldjian, Lauris Christopher
R724 .K295 2014

Practicing Medicine and Ethics book coverTo practice medicine and ethics, physicians need wisdom and integrity to integrate scientific knowledge, patient preferences, their own moral commitments, and society’s expectations. This work of integration requires a physician to pursue certain goals of care, determine moral priorities, and understand that conscience or integrity require harmony among a person’s beliefs, values, reasoning, actions, and identity. But the moral and religious pluralism of contemporary society makes this integration challenging and uncertain. How physicians treat patients will depend on the particular beliefs and values they and other health professionals bring to each instance of shared decision making. This book offers a framework for practical wisdom in medicine that addresses the need for integrity in the life of each health professional. In doing so, it acknowledges the challenge of moral pluralism and the need for moral dialogue and humility as professionals fulfill their obligations to patients, themselves, and society.

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The Stark Law: A Comprehensive Analysis and Practical Guide

Oppenheim, Charles B.
KF2907.P38 S79 2014

Practicing Medicine and Ethics book coverThis completely updated, revised, and expanded new edition of The Stark Law: Comprehensive Analysis + Practical Guide addresses the legal effect of final Stark regulations, which completes the formal rule-making process. Written by Charles B. Oppenheim, a leading expert in the interpretation and application of Stark law, this publication provides practical guidance for advising clients on complying with the current iteration of the regulations, as well as a look at what future direction the Stark regimen might take.

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State and Agents in China: Disciplining Government Officials

Cai, Yongshun
JQ1512.Z13 D536 2015

State and Agents in China book coverChinese government officials have played a crucial role in China’s economic development, but they are also responsible for severe problems, including environmental pollution, violation of citizens’ rights, failure in governance, and corruption. How does the Chinese Party-state respond when a government official commits a duty-related malfeasance or criminal activity? And how does it balance the potential political costs of disciplining its own agents versus the loss of legitimacy in tolerating their misdeeds? State and Agents in China explores how the party-state addresses this dilemma, uncovering the rationale behind the selective disciplining of government officials and its implications for governance in China.

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Suffering and Bioethics

R724 .S8874 2014

Suffering and Bioethics book coverDespite its venerated traditional place in medicine, the relief of patients’ suffering has often taken a back seat in modern biomedical research and treatment. To suffering’s many forms—epidemics, premature death, painful disease conditions, and prolonged dying—there often seems to be only one obvious response today: increase research on disease and its causes, and translate this research as soon as possible into effective clinical therapies. Modern bioethics, too, has been slow to come to terms with suffering. Recent literature reveals an increase in the number of conflicting inclinations when it comes to the obligation for modern medicine to alleviate suffering as a goal in itself. Debates about pharmacological human enhancement, new reproductive technologies, prenatal testing, genomic interventions, and end-of life care, including physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, all revolve around the question of the scope, extent, and limits of our obligation to relieve suffering. The aim of this book is to undertake a new foray into what has been “foreign territory” for modern bioethics.


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